VMTKLab 1.0.0!

From Orobix official blog:

Today marks an important milestone for Orobix. We release our first product, VMTKLab, an application for image-based modeling of the cardiovascular system.

Some background first. The Vascular Modeling Toolkit (VMTK) is an open-source collection of algorithms created to support the study of the cardiovascular system using computational geometry and numerical analysis. The project was started by Luca Antiga back in 2003 and was later adopted by Orobix in 2009, where it has grown both in functionality, documentation and, most importantly, user base.

Today VMTK is one of the go-to tools for image-based modeling in several bioengineering and radiology departments around the world. However, its user base is somehow limited by the fact that VMTK is a command line-oriented tool and as such it has a steep learning curve. Throughout the years, we have received many requests for an end-to-end, user-friendly application for image-based modeling that would expose functionality from VMTK to a more general audience.

A few months ago we decided it was time to address these requests. Today we introduce VMTKLab, a new graphical, workflow-oriented application that makes image-based modeling accessible and feasible at large scales.

What we release today is a set of core modules that allow to obtain volume mesh generation-ready surface models from medical images. We have several additional modules in the work - take a look at the VMTKLab website for an overview. We’ll roll them out during the next few weeks.

We hope you’ll like VMTKLab. For any question, please contact us.