vmtk 1.3 has been released!

vmtk 1.3 has been released on Jan 22, 2016.

We currently distribute vmtk as python egg file for Linux. For Windows7/8 we provide a windows installer (.exe). For Mac OSX we provide bynary package through homebrew.

See the Download page for details.

  • Added support for VTK 6.x and VTK 7.x. vmtk now builds against the latest official versions of both VTK and ITK.

  • vmtkimagebinarize: binarize an input image using two thresholds and producing a label map.
  • vmtksurfacearraysmoothing: perform smoothing on the values of a point data array defined on a surface.
  • vmtksurfacecliploop: clip an input surface using a user-defined loop.
  • vmtksurfaceendclipper: remove branches of a tubular surface by specifying seeds on the surface and using automatically oriented planes.
  • vmtksurfaceloopextraction: interactively define loops on a surface.

Thanks to Elena Faggiano (University of Pavia) for contributing the vmtksurfacearraysmoothing, vmtksurfacecliploop and vmtksurfaceloopextraction scripts.

Very big thanks to Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (Kitware Inc.) for his big contribution to porting vmtk to VTK 6 and for revamping the CMake infrastructure in the process.